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TravTac Contest

What's in your TravTac Contest

We enjoy hearing what people put in their Travtac bag so we decided to ask our customers to send us photos or link to a youtube video of their bag and contents with a brief description of how they use them. We will share them on our website and our social media sites. One submission will be chosen to win a $25.00 gift card so get yours to us soon.

Good luck!

 What's in Your TravTac?:

TravTac Stage II Everyday Carry items 
I really love this bag, when I'm on duty (work) and I carry a much needed knee brace, Nook HD, power cell back up battery, sunglasses, ear buds, and Bluetooth speaker, and I added this perfect addtion 32oz. Water bottle holder, when I'm off duty walking, biking, or just out and about, I also have a flashlight, folding pocket knife, para-cord rope, oh and I also use it for conceled carry for my glock 19 full size and extra mag, and I'm looking to outfit it with other tactical/survival gear, may add a compass here soon,  but this oss a perfect bag for everyday use. I'll send better pics when I get home.. (A. V.)



Guest Post: by Joe Byrne - Another Use
After 4 hospitalizations last  spring/summer I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension, a progressive and rare disease that requires an IV pump 24/7 and the case the pharmacy gives us is good but does not hold anything else. Finding your bags was a real treat and I have recommended your bag to folks in our online support group and to the pulmonary clinic I go to here in Nashville. Thanks for a great product. Here is a close up of the alteration my wife's sister made."
(J. B.)


Tenkara Fishing Gear Travtac Sling bag 
As you can see from the attached photo I did receive it today and couldn't be happier. Already packed my Tenkara gear and love the Velcro tab on the back for my Tenkara rod. This sling needs to be hyped for all the Tenkara fishers out there! Thanks,
(L. J.)
 TravTac Onyx EDC Customer Contents
(D. W.) - picture1
This is my TravTac EDC bag
Tobacco products, flashlights, batteries, and a small first aide kit are accessible from outside the bag. (also cell phone, keys, and work pants or a poncho)
note: all accessory pouches are also made in USA
TravTac Onyx Sling Bag everyday carry contents
(D. W.) - picture2
Front compartment houses several pens, a  knife, ice pick, UV flashlight, notepad, and a small sewing kit

(D. W.) - picture3
Main compartment normally contains additional cutlery, 750 paracord, vetwrap, a multi tool and other small tools, and more batteries.  Balance of space is generally used for my lunch.


TravTac Sling Pack fishing

My Travtac is used as a trout fishing tackle bag. It carries floats, leader, salmon eggs, and lures with room to spare. It is the way more comfortable that many other purpose-built fishing bags. It is also incredibly durable. I never go to the river without it.
(J. A.)