What is MOLLE gear?

If you are or were in the military, or if you are really into outdoor hiking and camping activities, you probably already know about MOLLE gear. MOLLE is the acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. MOLLE gear comes in an amazing variety of designs, sizes, and purposes allowing users to select the best combination of gear to serve their specific needs.

Most MOLLE gear features PALS webbing (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) which lets users attach several purpose designed pouches or bags together into one carry system. The smaller MOLLE bags and pouches are especially popular to EDC (Every Day Carry) purposes. The EDC concept let's you select the size and style you require without lugging around a pack that is too big, too heavy, or too bulky.

TravTac MOLLE gear is manufactured from high quality materials to be rugged, durable, and lightweight. Our products are designed and priced to represent excellent service and value. So grab some TravTac gear today and join the MOLLE revolution!  

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