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What is a Sling Pack good for?

From time to time we get feedback from customers about how they use our Tactical Sling Packs and Sport Bags. A Diaper Bag/Baby Bag is one we hear about often.
Here’s what Bill M. had to say:

“After one too many times having to carry my wife’s frilly looking diaper bag around, I started using my TravTac Sling bag instead. Not as big and unwieldy as a regular diaper bag and gets the job done while letting me keep my “man card”. When off baby duty I can just swap the diapers and binky for my Glock and head to the range.”

To be sure people don’t get the wrong idea about using our packs as “Baby Bags” we thought it best to make clear what we mean with an informative picture:

Travtac Stage II Sling Pack Baby Bag

(No babies cried or were upset during the taking of these pictures)