Survival blankets - not just for emergencies

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Survival blankets - not just for emergencies

You don’t need to be headed out-of-doors to want to keep some Mylar film rescue blankets around. You probably already know they are great in emergencies for retaining body warmth in the cold, reflecting the suns scorching heat in summer, and repelling rain and snow in wet weather. They can be used as a shelter, a ground cover, a reflective signal, to catch rain water, and much, much more.

These inexpensive and disposable ‘blankets’ are compact, lightweight, and useful in so many ways that you should keep one or two in every glove compartment, back pack, tool box, and everywhere else you can benefit by having an instant ground cover, drop cloth, picnic blanket or table cloth, seat cover, tarp, etc. Like a trusty pocket knife, once you have them you will be surprised at how often you discover new ways they are handy.

Our five pack consists of five individually wrapped 62” x 82” Mylar blankets – enough to keep one handy in any situation. Get your five pack today so you’re not left wishing you did later.

They also make a great Everyday Carry item to put in our small Tactical Sling Pack.

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