Keeping cool while staying warm

Keeping cool while staying warm

Last week I suggested Magiccool Cooling Bandanas as a good way to help stay cool in hot weather. Cutting and splitting wood this past weekend was an excellent example why.

My wife and I heat our house with wood. Cutting, splitting and stacking wood in the summer ensures that you have well seasoned fuel to burn in the winter. The extremely hot (97 degrees) and humid weather this past weekend provided no excuse from working to resupply our wood pile. We headed out Saturday morning equipped like we do every year, but with one difference - we both wore Magiccool Cooling Bandanas.

We found that even when wearing the cooling bandanas, cutting, splitting and stacking wood in 97 degree weather is still grueling, hot, dirty, sweaty work (darn!). Don't expect the bandana to create a blast of arctic cold like a winning coach getting a Gatorade victory bath. That said, the bandanas do work, and surprisingly well. Yes, we still got hot, but with the bandanas kept us cool enough that we didn't overheat. We were able to work steadily and hard in the stifling heat all day Saturday and Sunday without ever hitting that point of near heat exhaustion.  

The bandanas work by utilizing simple evaporation to help keep your head cooler. I was pleasantly surprised at how long they remained wet. When they do dry out just dip them in water, wring out, and you're good to go again. It's that's easy - it's simple and it works.

Come winter when I head outside to feed the wood fired furnace I probably won't be wearing my Magiccool Cooling Bandana. Until then, as long as the weather remains hot don't expect to see me working outdoors without it.   Get your Bandana now!