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GUEST POST: Top 7 Essentials to Carry on a Hike

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Hiking is one of the healthiest outdoor sports and it is not just adventurous and fun, but also a great exercise for body and mind both. Going on a hike without some essentials can cause some hassle for you on the way and might even turn hazardous at times. Remember, hiking is just like any other outdoor sport that comes with some dangers along with it like the chance of getting hurt in a place where there is no one to provide first aid instantly. Therefore, it is necessary to be fully prepared before you head out in the woods for a great hike.

Here is a list of the top 7 essentials that will assist you all the way on your trip and ensure your safety as well:


  1. First Aid Supplies:

You must carry the basic supplies for first aid so that you can quickly provide aid to yourself in case of any little injury. Keeping a few bandages, some ointment and ice packs for instance, can help you cover and soothe the wound rather than running all the way back to home for a mere injury.


  1. Sufficient Water:

Hiking consumes a lot of energy and often leaves you dehydrated in case you do not take enough water. Therefore, make sure you carry 1.5 litre water bottle for every 2 hours. Also, keep some water treatment so that you can find a water source and treat it to make it drinkable.


  1. Map for Directions:

Do not forget to keep a map of the trail and make sure you know exactly how to read it, especially when the trail is long and a little complex. Taking a map along does not only keeps you on the right track preventing you from getting lost, but it also helps to find water sources and campsites with ease.


  1. Sun Block and Sunglasses:

 Make sure you are completely protected from the scorching sun. It is better to keep a good sun block with SPF 15 or 30 that would keep your skin from burning or tanning. Moreover, wearing sunglasses can keep your eyes further protected from UV light. Also, make sure you wear clothes made of light material for lesser sweating and dehydration.


  1. Extra Food:

While packing, always make sure you put some extra food for a complete day. It is always best to keep canned food, energy bars, some healthy dry fruits and juices rather than cooked food that can easily perish due to the heat.

Eating chocolates and dry fruits keep you warm, therefore, munch them once you are all settled in your camp and ready to sleep.


  1. Torch or Lanterns:

You must keep a torch with a great battery life to assist you in the night time. They can also be used as signals in case of getting lost or in any sort of emergency.


  1. Knife, Matches and Bug Spray:

The matches you keep must be waterproof because you cannot risk them to get wet. Take many of them and store them in a plastic bag. Moreover, a knife helps in food preparation, first aid and other emergency cases. Bug spray becomes super essential if you do not want to come home with bug bites all over your body.


Author Bio:

Shawn Michaels is a blogger who loves to write about his outdoor experiences. He is also a passionate rock climber and loves traveling. He is currently studying and spends his free time reading reviews and gear shopping! He regularly blogs at Also check out the top-quality climbing equipment that can assist you in your outdoor adventures.