Buy one Stage II bag and get second for $5

Factory Mistake Creates Great Deal

(All of these bags are sold out as of Jan. 2017)

I'm pissed. We just received a large shipment of our value tactical sling bags from the factory in Asia. The factory makes bags for TravTac to our unique (and more expensive) specifications using upgraded materials and features that make them superior to similar bags from other sellers. One of the upgrades that we specify is permanently attached zipper pulls (see picture below). This is because early customer feedback taught us that the standard knotted para-cord pulls occasionally loosen and fall out. Well guess what the factory did on this big order we just received for the upcoming sales rush of the holidays? Yup, they used the standard knotted pulls.

This might not sound like such a big deal to some. The bags are still well constructed of upgraded materials and features, and every one is individually quality inspected by us (most sellers never inspect the products they package and sell). But we specified and paid extra for upgraded pulls because we don't believe you should have to suffer the annoyance of retying or replacing a loose pull. We couldn't send the shipment back and in this sales rush up to Christmas we certainly could not consider replacing all the pulls here at our US facility. So we have decided the only solution is to offer them at a big discount and that's what we're doing.

These bags are listed on our TravTac site at a significant discount until quantities are gone. Make no mistake, these bags are the same quality bags as our regular Stage I and Stage II bags, just with the standard knotted pulls you see everywhere else. The downside to this is that there is a small possibility that you may have a zipper pull loosen or fall out some time. The upside is you are getting a really great deal on the higher quality bag. If a pull does fall out it is easily retied or replaced. In fact, we list a zipper upgrade kit on the store. 

If you do avail yourself of this great savings please direct your thanks to the Asian factory and remind them that I am still pissed. BTW - if you are looking for the very finest tactical bags made in the USA check out our Onyx Series tactical bags.