Oh Yes We Did (make it better)!

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Oh Yes We Did (make it better)!

We have sold many thousands of our original TravTac Tactical sling bags. Feed back we receive tells us people really like the functionality and versatility of this EDC (every day carry) pack. As much as people like the original, we couldn't resist making it better. We asked customers how and VOILA!

Announcing the TravTac Stage II.

Traditionally tactical zippers have been made of knotted paracord to prevent noise. The occasional lost pull can be easily replaced with a new piece of cord, but it is annoying. To prevent knotted cords from falling off we equip Stage II bags with permanently fastened cord loops. No more lost pulls. 

Our hiker and biker friends wanted to be more visible to motorists and (should it be necessary) rescuers at night. So we have added a highly reflective safety patch. The patch attaches with Velcro and can be removed easily to use as a reflective hand signal or trail marker.

Even light weight packs like our sling bag can become uncomfortable when worn in one position all day. To provide all day comfort we have added an easily adjustable and removable pad to the shoulder strap. Now everyday carry is also all day carry.  

Check out the new TravTac Stage II Tactical sling bag today. We put the practical in tactical.