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Is That A Chain Saw In Your Pocket?

If you have property with a lot of trees and shrubs you most likely already own a pruning saw, a bow saw, even a power chain saw. Unfortunately, none of the above are convenient to keep handy when and where you often encounter the need for them the most. That's when a pocket chain saw comes in handy. Light weight, flexible, fits in your pocket design, pocket chain saws are perfect when bigger saws are too big or simply not available.

In my case I live on 40 acres of land (much of it wooded) with about a mile of trails. Every time we get strong winds or storms I can count on a number of limbs coming down on or across the trails from the old growth trees. When I walk the trails or drive them on the golf cart later many of the branches need to be cut up to be removed to the side of the trail. That's how I discovered how handy it was to whip out a pocket chain saw and remedy the problem on the spot instead of returning to the pole barn for a big saw. Everything up to (and including) small logs can be quickly cut for removal right there, right now - nice!

When researching products for our TravTac store I came across a nice pocket chain saw from LivWild that takes the concept to a higher level. Their 26" saw features a precision ground, hardened steel cutting tooth on every link of the chain. Since most pocket chain saws only have one cutting tooth for every three links, the LivWild saw effectively has three times the teeth for faster cuts with less effort. And, since you are providing the power to this type of saw, faster and with less effort is important. I also like that the cutting teeth on the LivWild pocket saw can be easily sharpened when needed using the same 3/16" round file that I use to sharpen my gas chain saw. Many of the cheaper pocket saws use flimsy pointed teeth that can not be sharpened - can you say disposable?

The LivWild pocket saw comes with strong, high visibility orange nylon web handles instead of the black color other brands use. If you have ever set something down in the woods and tried to find it later you will appreciate this little touch. The included nylon fast clasp storage pouch with belt loop is nice for storing and carrying your pocket saw when not in use. In short, this handy pocket saw won't replace your big saws, but you'll be surprised at how often the convenience and versatility of it make it your tool of choice. 

You have probably figured out that my next step was to contact the LivWild people and arrange to sell their pocket saws in our TravTac store - and you would be right. The LivWild pocket chain saws are now in stock and available at www.travtac.com  If you don't already have a pocket saw, or if you simply want to upgrade to a better one, come and get it!