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Learn The Ropes (of tying knots)


The best knot I ever tied was over 17 years ago when I married my wife. While that knot has endured, every rope knot I have ever tied seems to be of the granny knot variety, guaranteed to come loose when you need it to hold, and a tangled mess when you need to undue it.

Let's face it, nothing sucks more than having to stop every two miles to retie the ropes securing something in your trailer on the highway. That's why I really like this little gem. These laminated cards list the 20 most essential outdoor knots including what they are used for and how to tie them. Hinged in a pocket sized deck, this is more handy than an entire troop of Boy Scouts.

I liked them so much that we are giving one away FREE from now until the end of the month with every TravTac tactical pack, bag, or pouch we sell. Of course you can buy it separately also, but either way, keeping one of these handy is a fun way to learn the ropes of knot tying.