When small is better

Small is better -

When small is better

Some times people remark that our small TravTac tactical sling bag is too small. If you are looking for an all day 'hiking into the wilderness' back pack they may be right. Then again, they may simply be missing the point. The small tactical sling bag style is designed to organize and carry all the little things you want to carry with you that won't fit in your pockets, but fit in a bag small enough to be easy and convenient to carry.

Unlike clumsy back packs that are strapped over both shoulders the sling bag can be slung over one shoulder in the front, in back, or stow the sling strap and hand carry it. The small size makes the bag easy to keep close providing quick access to your miscellaneous items.

When you need to carry the kitchen sink with you get a back pack. If you only want to keep daily incidentals handy and organized, the small TravTac tactical sling bag may be exactly what you are looking for. Check them out here.